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Covid-19 Research Study: Small Business Owners

Organizational Response to Disease Outbreak: Small Businesses


Canadian researchers are interested in the experiences of small business owners during the current pandemic.  If you are a small business owner (fewer than 100 employees in any industry; including sole proprietors and owner/operators) who is living and working in Canada, we are inviting you to participate in the research by completing our questionnaire. 

The survey focuses on your experiences, your own psychological well-being and how you and your business responded to the pandemic. Completing the questionnaire takes about 20 minutes. Participation in the research is completely voluntary and all data collected are held in strict confidence.


To participate, or learn more about the conditions of participation please follow the link presented below.


Adults aged 18 and over, who are small business owners, who live and work in Canada, are fluent in English, and have access to a computer or other device with internet capabilities, are eligible to participate.


This research is being conducted by Dr. Kevin Kelloway (Saint Mary’s University REB # 20-115) Dr. Jennifer Dimoff (University of Ottawa), Dr. Stephanie Gilbert (Cape Breton University), Dr. Jane Mullen (Mount Allison University), and Rachael Chick-Jones, Vanessa Myers, Tabatha Thibault, and Jacqueline Shaw (all of Saint Mary’s University) and is funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Research, the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation and Research Nova Scotia.

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